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built-in functions

Python has 68 built-in functions. They can be called without importing any module.

string methods

String methods can be called upon strings, one example is the capitalize method that capitalizes the first character of a string.

data types in Python

The most used data types in Python are lists and tuples. To find more helpful information about how to use them, view the collection of Python how-tos.
data type description category
str string text
int integer numeric
float float value numeric
complex complex number numeric
list list sequence
tuple tuple sequence
range range sequence
dict dictionary mapping
set set set
frozenset frozenset set
bool boolean boolean type
bytes bytes binary
bytearray bytearray binary
memoryview memoryview binary


There are several built-in exceptions in Python.

clean code

To write cleaner code, Python has several style and design guidelines. One of the most know is PEP 20, also known as the Zen of Python.



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