Python String capitalize() method

overview of String capitalize()

The capitalize() method in Python converts the first character of a string to an uppercase letter. All other characters are converted to lowercase letters.

use of capitalize()

The capitalize() method is used to convert the first letter to an uppercase letter. # use of capitalize() method myString = 'pYTHON' newString = myString.capitalize() print(newString) The string myString is capitalized and assigned to the variable newString. Then, the newString is returned. Python

syntax of capitalize()

The syntax of the capitalize() method is: string.capitalize()

arguments of capitalize()

The capitalize() method doesn't accept any arguments.

return value of capitalize()

The capitalize() method returns a string with the first letter converted to uppercase and all other characters converted to lowercase letters. The original string remains unchanged, it is recommend to assign the return value to a new variable.



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