Read one single line from csv file in Python

There are a lot of tutorial about how to use CSV data in Python. But sometimes we want to read just a single line of data from a csv file. This can be done by using pandas or the built-in csv module.

read one line using csv module

The easiest way to read one single line of data from a csv file is to use the built-in csv module. # open the 'myfile.csv' file with open('myfile.csv', newline='') as mf: # read the csv file reader = csv.reader(mf) # read the first line one_line = next(reader)

read one line using pandas

To use pandas, we first need to import the pandas module using a import statement like shown below. Then we can read the first row by specifying the nrows parameter of the read_csv() method. # import pandas module and specify suffix pd import pandas as pd # read 1 row of the specified csv file 'myfile.csv' one_line = pd.read_csv("myfile.csv", nrows=1) We can continue reading the next line of data by repeating the statement for the first line.



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