Learn Python and Solidity online

2022 is the year to sharpen your skills and learn something new. How about a new programming language that can help you succeed in your career? Python is one of the most popular languages that gained massive popularity in the past years. And it's really easy to learn and ideal as the first programming language for beginners. It's time to get started and learn Python  today.

Another big and transformative trend is web3 and blockchain. While most web applications currently work with centralized servers that serve as the backbone of the app this will change. The future is decentralized. Instead of executing code in the shadows on a big cloud computing farm, the code will be open and transparent. It will be deployed to blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, or Avalanche as smart contracts and then get executed on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The language these smart contracts are written in is in most cases Solidity. If you're looking for a trending language to learn in 2022, then learn Solidity with our Tutorial.

We also provide free tools to the community like our ETH Wei Converter and our keccak 256 hash converter. The Wei Converter can be used to convert different Ether denominations like wei, kwei, mwei, gwei, finney and szabo into ether and into each other. The keccak-256 hash converter is useful to convert an input to it's hash, which can be useful in many cases and help to debug a smart contract.